Creative Summary

What is the objective or purpose of our communication?

What do we want to accomplish? What is the desired result?

To make Davidson-Davie Community College a legitimate choice for prospective students interested in furthering their education.

Who are we targeting?

Who are the customers? What do we know about them? What are the relevant demographics? What are their beliefs/perceptions/desires?

Davidson-Davie Community College enrolled 8,363 students in the Fall 2014 semester — 4,102 curriculum students and 4,261 students in Basic Skills/Continuing Education.

Primary Audiences

Our primary audience includes high school graduates approximately 17-20 years of age from Davidson and Davie Counties. These students come from roughly a dozen high schools located in Davidson County and one high school located in Davie County. Graduation rates in Davidson and Davie Counties range from 81-85%. A 2011-2012 annual report from Davie County Schools shows 370 seniors graduated from Davie High School. The report indicates that 52% of Davie High School seniors enrolled in 4-year colleges/universities, while a third (34%) of the senior class enrolled in 2-year junior colleges.

Prospective students also include non-traditional adults interested in career and technical education, students of color, and first generation college bound students. Unlike many 4-year college bound students, life obstacles (children, elderly parents, job inflexibility, lack of perceived financial resources, lack of family support, transportation, etc.) keep these prospective students from considering or continuing their education at Davidson-Davie Community College.

Secondary Audiences

Davidson and Davie County guidance counselors, employers and community members play an important role in reinforcing the value of a local community college education. External stakeholders identify the need to help parents and families understand the necessity of and value proposition associated with higher education, to educate parents and families about Early College and Career & College Promise options, and to discourage the stigma associated with attending a two-year school.

How do our mission, vision and values set us apart?

How do they align with the values of your key constituents?

Davidson-Davie Community College develops minds, inspires imaginations and prepares students for enhanced career and educational opportunities within a changing global environment.

What do we want to say?

What is the single most important benefit we can convey?

Davidson-Davie Community College is uniquely committed to my success.

Why is this true and relevant?

What are the supporting reasons to believe what we say?


  • Davidson-Davie Community College’s commitment to student success is demonstrated by evidenced-based mandatories—student orientation, advising, early alert, student success course, the College Transition Center and Developmental Education— that result in greater student engagement and higher graduation and transfer rates.
  • Our performance or “Overall Success” is comparable to that of the system as a whole. However, Davidson-Davie Community College impressively exceeds the performance of the system and that of its principal competitors when comparing what is perhaps the central success factor: graduation. In the latest year for which system data is available, 30.4 percent of DCCC students graduated as compared to 22.8 percent at Guilford, 25.6 percent at Forsyth, and 25.4 percent systemwide.
  • Davidson-Davie Community College students are closing the performance gap in comparison to their counterparts who began as freshmen at a four-year institution. By 2010, 67 percent of our students who transferred to four-year institutions graduated in four years, as compared to 70 percent of those who began their studies at a four-year institution.
  • Approximately 500,000 people have attended Davidson-Davie Community College since 1963.


  • Community colleges are more relevant than ever. In 2018, Harvard University predicts only 33% of all jobs will require a 4-year degree or more while the overwhelming majority will be middle-skilled jobs (57%) requiring technical skills and training at the credential or Associate Degree level.
  • The Davie County Economic Development Commission reported that 2015 was a banner year, with an increase of 458 jobs and an investment of an additional $100.3 million in Davie County. DEX/Volvo, Carolina Precision Machining and AccuMED made Davie County home, while Avgol and Pro Refrigeration expanded. Wake Forest Baptist Health entered phase II of construction and development at its Davie Campus. Ashley Furniture committed an additional $8.7 million and 450 additional jobs over the next five years.


  • New students show high levels of satisfaction with Davidson-Davie Community College. 97% of new students reported feeling comfortable on campus within the first three weeks. 94% believed they’re receiving a good education at Davidson-Davie Community College.

Is there an appropriate tone?

Is there a believable tone that can be used to differentiate?

  • Genuine
  • Relevant
  • Real
  • Ready
  • Community-minded
  • Proud

How will we measure communication success?

What profile or behavior will change that can be measured?

  • Increased awareness of Davidson-Davie Community College among all target audiences (students, families, employers, community members)
  • Increased awareness of specific programs/services at the college
  • Increased visits to the college website and landing page
  • Increased inquiries (more information; campus visit, etc.)
  • Increase perceptions of Davidson-Davie Community College as a viable option for students entering or continuing their education